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Red Label Hot Premium 2014

This is an appassimento wine. The grapes are dried prior to maceration and further vinification. This special method of wine making was introduced in Denmark by award winner Preben Jørgensen from Vester Ulslev Vingaard. It is a natural wine produced from organically grown Leon Millot grapes.

All grapes are harvested and sorted gently by hand. The wine is stored in barrels for 38 months and cleared without filtration. Small amounts of sulfites are produced naturally during vinification. No additional sulfites are added. Residual sugar and acid balance provides an intense and powerful wine.

‘Hot Premium’ 2014 is a fortified wine with French brandy added. It is a well-balanced deep dark wine, with aroma shades known from good Southern European wines. With notes of ripe dark plums and prunes, it presents aromas that are full-bodied, round and soft, with a pleasant fresh acidity and complexity. This wine is particularly well suited for a good pepper steak, blue cheese and desserts.

We hope you will enjoy our wine.Preben Jørgensen, Vester Ulslev Vin and Garbolund

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